Thursday, November 5, 2009

Si, somos Americanos

So there was a "slight" screwup with our accomodation that could have been a disaster, but everything turned out fine in the end.  We originally had a cottge booked at Deloraine for the Meander race (which the Ouse replaced) but when we arrived they had never heard of us.  Stef Vallee of the Canadian team, who we traveled with for a few days, dealt with the folks in Deloraine for us for which we are very grateful.  As it turned out the a cottage was available even on the weekend of the Deloraine Craft fair, so we had a place to stay.  Our accomodation had actually been swtiched to Launceston, the site of the next race, but our place there had been taken by a couple of suspiciously non-English speaking individuals.  Still, most of the US speaks Spanish anyway, right?  And you can't ignore the resemblance between the Bloater boater and Esteban Arakama (

Fortunately it all worked out well for us again, and now we are in a spacious apartment while the thieving Spanish live in two hotel rooms.  Seriously though, I wish I spoke better (any?) Spanish, as Esteban and Xavier are super cool guys - check out their video of the Brady's sprint (but turn the music down!)

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