Monday, November 2, 2009

Match competitors and parents competition

Ok, Here it is - first one to email me the correct combinations of paddlers and parents gets a Wildwater World Cup T shirt - entries from Australia (or from people at the World Cup) will not be accepted.  I'll split the post into two to save space and time - I'll be posting pics of the competitors first.

Here is Stew Bennett, wearing some sketchy sunglasses and hanging off a parent (possibly his).  Stew is a clean cut young lad who enjoys cuddly toys and hanging out with older women.

This is Rob Mcintyre, an upcoming junior who raced as a forerunner and beat many of the World Cup competitors.  Rob has boyish good looks and was apparently a potential love interest for one of the junior US women's competitors in Switzerland this summer.  He enjoys listening to Dane Cook on shuttle runs and needs to be more old school in his choice of helmet to really be a succesful wildwater paddler.

This is Ben Maynard, a molecular biologist who works on DNA vaccines for salmon in his spare time when not training for wildwater.  According to his “parent” he has had a succession of “wonderful” girlfriends but they have never managed to compete with wildwater for his affections.


This is Ben’s brother, Andrew (clue - they have the same parent) who is “an important employee” of Hydro Tasmania.  Andrew likes to flaunt the fact he is paddling at home by racing a 10 year old Savage 2000 down courses that crush all of our new faster (and more breakable) boats.


This is Ruby Hodgetts, a junior who is racing the World Cup and holding her own well against much more experienced competition.  As she was in Swtizerland this summer at the Junior Worlds, Ruby is the subject of much male attention by individuals from mainland Europe, particularly Carlo Mercati and Mariano Bifano.  Thank Goodness Francois Beauchard has gone home…


Finally, last but not least, This is Matt “Foo” French, who got his first top 10 placing in a World Cup yesterday on the Ouse.  Foo is legendary in World Cup touring circles, and a bevy of red clad beauties from his fan club hung off of his very word yesterday and likely contributed to his successful run.  Foo is rumored to be the product of an alien mating ritual, so its possible that he may not have a parent in the other half of this posting….

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