Friday, October 23, 2009

She Ain't Heavy, She's my Corvette....... (imagine hoarse out of tune singing)

So, am recovering slowly, still hoarse, and not had much time in a boat.  Got some more antibiotics which made me feel a bit better, and managed to get my boat, PFD and helmet all passed through scrutineering. I got a BIG shock when my boat went on the scale though.  This is a beautiful shiny new Corvette (see pics from a few posts ago) that I paid god knows how much for - seriously, I don't know how much it cost and I'm never gonna calculate it as I'll probably keel over on the spot.  And it weighs........  wait for it.........  12.2 kilos with floats bags in it.  That's pretty light, those of you who do not know the weight limits I am sure are saying (and I know at least some of my students who have no idea about that stuff are reading this).  But the weigh limit for a K1 is 11kg, including float bags.  Having a brand new boat weigh 12kg is INSANE!  Especially when it is a Class VII super special Zastera construction. 

There are actually quite a few paddlers here who are not the happiest with Tomas Zastera just now.  My boat is significantly overweight, as is one of the Irish paddler's Corvettes, and David Gray's C2 is overweight, short, and overwide - the trifecta of an expensive mistake.  Still, what can you expect from a  factory in which Nathan Hamm worked, even if for only a short time?

But what is a kilo really.  Nothing right?  Well, actually it is 2.2 pounds, or 7700 calories less that I need to eat to make up this weight.  And because this extra weight is distributed all over the boat, rather than just in my ample girth, it will change the handling of the boat significantly.  So, I am less than happy with my new boat, just because of the weight.  Not really any chance of cash back though.....

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