Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rapid update

Rapid - get it?? Actually its gonna be quick cos internet is at a premium in the wilds of Tasmania.  I'm still sick, but am recovering slowly and am on my second consecutive set of antibiotics.  I can see the end coming, its just not gonna come before the Masters race on Saturday and Sunday - the only races where I had a reasonable chance of doing ok.  Such is life, its hard to be down about it in such a wonderful place with such welcoming friendly people.  I've paddled the course twice (not overdoing it) and its a good course, not too much flat, not too pushy, not too easy and it makes the French paddlers curse as they don't know where they are going - I'll take that as a recommendation anytime.  Accommodation is idyllic, and complete with local Platypus and echidna.  Company is good with lots of quotes from Jennie (passing a field of lambs) - "Oh they're so cute.... [pause] ...... Yum!" and "Oh, Tom and I sleep together all the time".

Here's a pic of Tom from practice on the sprint course yesterday - clearly he had eaten too much lunch and was about to throw something up.

Anyhoo, that's about all I have time for at this connection.  I'll try to write more later, or maybe prepare an entry and then just upload straight from a word doc to save time - I'll have to play with it...

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