Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aussie again

I arrived yesterday in Melbourne after 29 hours of relatively trouble free flying, and that's not a phrase I have had cause to use in recent years.  It was a pretty good trip, with no connection woes, major delays or (most importantly) lost baggage.  I built a few days into my trip in Melbourne for a few reasons.  First, something always screws up with the flight (well, maybe not almost, but mostly) so having time to sort it out is better.  Second, I have some good friends in Melbourne, some of whom might actually buy me free meals (and some actually already have!).  Third, a thirteen hour time difference after a 29 hour trip really screws with you body and mind so I wanted time to recover before I went anywhere near a boat, assuming my boat will be there when I get to Tasmania.  I'll be hanging here for a few days, and Tom and Jennie will be here Saturday (its Friday here now, Thursday at home). 

In the meantime I'll be trying to sort out my "WorldPhone" which two Verizon employees told me I did not need to add anything to for it to work in Australia.  Clearly they were incompetent, as I need a Verizon SIM card, which I can only get in the US.  So, Her Indoors is picking up a SIM card and Fedex'ing it to me in Tasmania, all on Verizon's dime (Thank You Her!).  The phone will likely be the only way I can update the blog rapidly when I am away from the towns in Tasmania, which will be most of the time, so its kinda important. 

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Middy said...

Sounds like things are getting going in a good way. Keep it up and paddle well. Watch out for Foo and the Sheep.