Sunday, October 25, 2009

Opening Ceremony (Fire and Small Kids - a perfect combination)

I forgot to post about this, and I'll try to add photos later.  But the opening ceremony in Deloraine was pretty cool, with Aboriginal dancing and kids paddling boats representing our countries on the Meander River through town.  But the highlight was the display of fire handling from school kids - swinging pots of fire around their heads, juggling fire sticks, walking on stilts with them, brushing them off of their bodies and my particular favorite, clap push ups over a jump rope that was on fire.  I think the organizers would be in court for some time for this in the States, but it was a very cool display and really impressed a lot of folks.  I didn't get a chance to congratulate the kids doing the display afterwards, but I thought I would put it in print (well, on the web anyways) - nice!

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