Sunday, August 23, 2009

Training is all due to the Tajik Kids....

So, I've been training now since the start of February, with major guidance from my "coaches" Andrew McEwan and Middy Tilghman.  I paddled on the US team with Andrew and Middy in 2000 and 2001 and had a great time in Europe but then I moved, got a new job and basically fell off the face of the planet paddling-wise.  In January I went down for a race in DC and was really just awful so I asked them (actually I asked first, cos I figured I would suck) if they would help me train.  And help they have, even when in prison in Tajikistan (or maybe that didn't happen this trip?). Their help has been invaluable, giving me focus, feedback, and generally keeping me motivated (by comparing my abilities to those of a small girl, mostly) and amused (anyone who knows us can tell you how childish we can be when in each other's company).

So, with around 7 weeks to go before I leave for the World Cup in Tasmania I would like to declare my undying gratitude to these guys for their help (this doesn't mean I will give you a reference for an apartment without any prior notice Andrew...).

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