Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Days off

I religiously take one day off from training a week.  I need it, and really can't live without it.  Two days off a week and I start to get a bit antsy, no day off and basically I'll collapse a few days later.  I'm at a stage (i.e. age) where I need time to recover, and that is what helps me get fitter and faster (and lighter).  For instance, I can't do a heavy weights session in the gym (I'll touch on weights in a later entry) finishing around 8pm one evening, and then expect to have any kind of get up and go for an interval session in a boat at 7am the next morning before work.  Maybe I'll be able to do this after I've been doing this for a few years again, but certainly not now.  The day off really helps me recover, as I start feeling the workload at the end of the prior week, but then can start out pretty fresh.  I'm in the midst of changing my routine to fit in more strength and resistance sessions, so I've changed my day off from Monday to Tuesdays.  The first week was tough, but now things seem to be calming down a bit.  Mondays at work are pretty hellish - lab meeting and then individual meetings with the entire lab so I'm mentally exhausted at the end of the day.  Having Tuesday off allows me to recover both mentally and physically, so it seems to be working better.  I'm also often staying at home on Tuesdays to get some paper writing done, so it is all working out well.  Maybe this afternoon I'll get a massage.  There is a cool place down the road run by a really cool Hungarian couple (http://www.gulienmassagetherapy.com/).  I often fall asleep while they are working on me, and I feel great afterwards.  Now bring on the sketchy comments from the close minded.....

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